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Well, cannabis is not just about getting high or taste or smell. Smoking good quality weed also depends on the way the plant looks. The better it looks the more you are going to like it. There is a trend of coloring your plant, in the market. And one of the most preferred and liked colors of all is purple. Some people like to consume purple weed just for fun or experience, while some dealers do it to hike their prices. However, people have found various ways to get the bud purple, like adding food coloring which is definitely not the right way to do it. If you are fantasized by the idea of consuming purple weed, then we have got you covered. Here are the steps on how to grow purple cannabis buds:

  • Step 1– It is the most easy, simple, and basic step, plant the seeds of course! This first step is just like you would grow any other cannabis strain which also includes germinating the seed, properly managing the vegetative stage. You should also adjust the light schedule as you enter the flowering stage.
  • Step 2– Here you will have to wait until the plant reaches the flowering stage. Once all the seedlings have sprouted and the plant has grown well and healthily after surviving through the vegetative state, the process of converting the bud from green to purple begins. As soon as the plant enters into the flowering stage from vegetative state, your main work begins.
  • Step 3– This is the most important and crucial stage of the process. This might seem a little tricky but all you have to do is expose the plant to a large temperature difference between day and night. For example, if you are exposing the plant to the light in day time for a temperature of about 70-75-degree Fahrenheit, then the temperature in the night time for the plant should be about 50-55-degree Fahrenheit. When there is a sudden drop in the temperature, the production, and action of chlorophyll are reduced which causes pigmentation in the bud and turns it purple. Also, never lower the temperature below 50 degrees, this will cause the plant to die and turn brown.

So with just the right and proper use of science, you can easily and efficiently grow purple bud cannabis on your own and enjoy your trip.