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The Supreme West Coast Cannabis Strains of 2014

There have been some great strains which have come out or been refined this year, and while we’d like discuss all of them there are so many award-winning and recognized varieties we are only going to focus on a few. In this article we’re going to highlight some of the greatest West Coast strains smoked and reviewed by the legendary cannabis critic William Breathes. We’re going to summarize his review and match his results up with those of other critics and review sites.

10. OG #18
As it has fairly humble origins OG #18 doesn’t seem likely to be a choice cannabis strain, but it really packs a one-two punch of flavor and mellow. Bred and grown by a relatively small grow operation in Personalized Organic Treatments, OG #18 has a sticky lemony flavor to it, with a stony quality to it as well. As an added treat this strain is great for medical users as OG#18’s CBD is higher than other varieties.

9. Kandy Kush
Another Coloradoan strain this hybrid variety possesses a sharp tart quality to it, along with a sweet flavor. Like any strong cannabis flower this strain has a pungent aroma to it, but also may leave you with a bit of dry-mouth. That said Kandy Kush has garnered consistently good reviews on sites like leafly.

8. Legend of 91
Another strain with a strong smell, this earthy herb has somewhat smaller buds compared to other flowers. However, it makes up for this with its aroma, flavor, and invigorating high which William Breathes describes as a strain which “slammed my cerebellum and left me floating stress-free through my afternoon. Stoned, but not sluggish — the buds actually were the perfect pick-me-up for post-holidays house cleaning.”

7. Highway Man
This is a particularly stick strain which typically commands, and deserves, a higher price than other strains at your typical herb dispensary. If you’re into hash than Highway Man may be for you as it possesses a drier, hash-like taste to it.

6. Tangerine Sunrise
Being a cross between Tangerine Haze and Hawaaiian, this flower deserves the name with its green and red flower as well as its tropical taste. This is a strong sativa which will put you in the right mood to get up and go out and enjoy a sunrise…or raid your fridge.

5. PB and Grape Jilly
This strain is a triple cross of Sour Grape, Jilly Beans, and Durban Poison which gives PB and Grape a rich flavor, with a peppery kick.

4. Peach OG
This green-orange flower like some of the others on this list may command a royal price, but is worth every cent. Unlike many of the previous entrants though, this variety is more indica than sativa, and makes for a great means to relax and de-stress for a while.

3. Girl Scout Cookies
If you like skunky, funky, and flavorful then Girl Scout Cookies by The Purple Dragon in Denver is for you. Of course there are several strains which share this name, but this derivation is unique given the combination of its slow burning quality and sugary taste.

2. Phishhead OG
This is a strain which can knock you flat if you aren’t careful. Every small rounded flower of a Phishhead is bursting with flavor and potency. According to Breathes this strain is best enjoyed slowly, and can be relished either morning or at night.

Although often sold as a medical strain, WIFI OG can also be enjoyed recreationally and has garnered some of the best reviews on sites like leafly and Toke of the Town. This variety is a hybrid which doesn’t boast the highest amount of the THC, although it does have about 11-15%, it possesses a nice lemon and earth flavor and produces a fantastic mellow.