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The World of Marijuana and Its Perceptions

All kind of drugs are supposed to be harmful and this is the common perception throughout the world. However very few people are aware of the fact that drugs are listed under two separate categories of soft drugs and hard drugs. One such instance is of alcohol which is listed under hard drugs and cannabis is under soft drugs. To people’s amazement it must be stated that smoking of cigarettes causes much more harm than does the smoking of marijuana. Therefore before raising any apprehensions it is important to have detailed information about what the drug is and how it actually works.

The Use of Cannabis

Marijuana has a number of medicinal properties. For instance it can be used for people who have glaucoma. This disease causes blindness and this effect can seriously be reduced with the help of smoking marijuana. People suffering from arthritis get terrible joint pains and a lot of this can be relieved with the help of marijuana. Diseases from HIV to Alzheimer’s and even cancer too can be restricted if under the use of medical marijuana. THC that is found in marijuana is responsible for creating the medical benefits and also is what leads to the different state of mind when smoking pot.

Restriction of the use of cannabis in most countries has created an altered state of affairs where the intake of illegal marijuana has increased considerably. This can only be stopped if it is legalized. This will not only lead people to acquire more information about this plant but will also reduce the illegal trade of this plant. A major part of the marijuana using population has reported that there are no serious short or long term effects of marijuana smoking. Instead they have praised the plant and its medicinal and health properties.

The United Nations have listed cannabis under a soft drug. This in itself proves that marijuana is not a lethal drug as many had thought to be. It is comparatively safer than tobacco and alcohol. It is not only the twenty first century that praises the medical benefits of this miracle plant. In ancient times, cannabis was considered as a healing drug and the oil extracted from it was used in a number of ways to soothe down pain and burn. Till now it is being used by many tribal people all across the world as a healing agent and a medical drug.

Therefore the use of cannabis cannot be only restricted to recreational purposes. It extends to medicine and the world of science will soon be appreciating it.