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People use medical marijuana for a variety of health-based, personal, and lifestyle reasons. No matter the reason, consumers deserve transparent, health-supporting strains that professionals grow. When buying cannabis, it is imperative to be knowledgeable and proactive about the quality of the substance. Here’s why:

Get Maximum Health Benefits

When it comes to marijuana, the fresh the more benefits you can gain from it. As with produce available directly from the farmer’s market, high-quality cannabis has a more elaborate mix of the 400 to 500 chemical compounds that exist within its composition. Over 60 of these compounds are cannabinoids, which are known for their many medical purposes. If you don’t benefit from the abundant blend of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavonoids, avoid inexpensive or lower-quality kush.

Get the Right Potency

Lower-quality weed means lower cannabinoid concentration complexity. A lower level of cannabinoids will make it less likely that you experience balanced, more-regulated interactions within your endocannabinoid system.

Although a high CBD/low THC ratio may seem like a good thing, some medical applications require higher THC levels to fully administer medicinal benefits. Less potency because of poor-quality weed might reduce the health benefits, especially for applications aimed to reduce pain.

Avoid Contaminants

A low-quality cannabis strain poses a higher risk of defects and taints. This can result from poor packaging and storage after harvest and unprofessional growing practices. This causes the buds’ condition to deteriorate at a faster rate than their freshly sealed or professionally harvested cousins. As a result, the buds will be dryer, lighter, and thinner in muddier brown shades. Common defects of low-quality cannabis include:

  • Taste impurities. Low-quality cannabis does not strike the floral, aromatic, and even sweet notes of quality cannabis. Instead, they taste bitter and acidic, or even ashy.

  • Aromatic impurities. Poor-quality cannabis has a lot of the may parts of a marijuana plant including shakes, buds, and stems that are mixed and crushed together. Low-quality strains have a higher content of stems and shake filler, underdeveloped trichomes, fewer buds, and thinner colas.

  • Buds contamination. High-quality marijuana buds are less likely to contain traces of dirt and dust. Also, they do not have insects, pesticides, fertilizers, and other pollutants that taint the plant’s purity.

It is important to keep in mind that low-quality or expired marijuana has reduced medical properties and can cause adverse side effects. In fact, it can even aggravate some of the conditions you may want to alleviate. This makes it important to use only high-quality, fresh cannabis.