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Toke of the Town Shuts Down?

One of the most popular cannabis blogs is shutting down? Yes, or well sort of. After nearly six years of marijuana news coverage, commentary, and education it appears that Toke of the Town announced that they will be no longer publishing. According to their site:

“Since 2009, Toke of the Town has brought you the biggest marijuana news and loudest pot views from across the country — and around the world. Along the way, we’ve covered the huge progress many states have made towards legalization and wondered why others are so far behind. The country still has a long way to go, but things are looking up — and we have our fingers crossed that 2015 will be another big year for legalization.

But Toke won’t be around to see it — at least, not in its present form. This is Toke of the Town’s final day of publication.

Don’t worry: We’re not quitting the movement. We’re just returning the focus of our marijuana coverage to our local Voice Media Group papers. You can still read William Breathes’ weekly pot reviews and Ask a Stoner column at, where they started, and you can continue to follow him on Twitter and Facebook. And you can keep following Toke on Facebook and Twitter, too, for the latest marijuana news from all our papers.

Many thanks for reading and supporting us for the past five years! We couldn’t have covered the marijuana community without such a strong one reading us.
And all our archives will remain online, because we wouldn’t want you to lose access to our serious reporting on issues of medicine and our lighthearted coverage of stoner movies.

Light one up for us, won’t you?”
So I would invite you to join with us in solidarity in this somber moment given Toke’s partial shutdown. At any rate we at hope to fill the void left by Toke of the Town and ask our readers to share our articles to all of your friends and re-post our stuff on social media. If you are new to our site then check out all of our many articles covering the many developments of marijuana around the world, as well as cannabis news as it relates to sport, and entertainment. We also cover some of the best new cannabis strains being released to the market, as well as provide educational tools for how to grow and how best to enjoy your plant afterwards.