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Cannabis sativa strains are usually known for daytime use. The immediate effects of many sativa strains are an energized feeling, while many strains are also great for uplifting mood. No wonder, sativa varieties are often recommended for depression, anxiety, besides for boosting creativity. So, what are some of the top cannabis strains for energy and creativity in 2021? We have a list below for help!

Sour Diesel

Talk of some of the best sativa hybrids in the market, and many people will rave about Sour Diesel, which is a cross between popular strains – Super Skunk and Chemdawg. The THC content of this sativa strain is around 20%, depending on the season and grower, while the CBD content is less than 1%. Expect a nice high as you work through your day!

Super Silver Haze

This is an award-winning strain that is known for being a great choice for writers and those seeking creativity. The CBD content of Super Silver Haze is around 1% or lower, but check the THC content, which is around 23%. This is a strong strain that wouldn’t make you feel sleepy, but kicks your mind enough to get working.

Strawberry Cough

If you are feeling low and depressed and cannot work because of that, you may want to try the Strawberry Cough. The origins of this sativa hybrid aren’t exactly clear, but with THC content between 17% and 23%, this one does work in the most amazing ways. The CBD content of Strawberry Cough is less than 1%.

Lucid Blue

This is another sativa dominant hybrid that is known for its parentage – Blue Dream and Amnesia Haze. With THC content of 20%, this strain can clear your mind and make it an ideal choice for days when you don’t have the right energy. It also contains 4% CBD, which is again a great advantage.

Durban Poison

The last one on this list is a popular strain called Durban Poison. It is among the best strains loved by recreational cannabis users, because it doesn’t sedate but wakes up the mind, so that you can do wonderful things. The THC content is between 17% and 26%, which is just right, but the strain doesn’t have much of CBD.

Having a writer’s block? You definitely need to give a shot to some of these strains. Make sure that you talk to the budtender and have your documents for buying cannabis legally where you live.