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Top Edibles of Marijuana 2015

Cannabis-infused foods are one of the most vital parts of today’s booming marijuana market. For new users of cannabis, manufacturers increasingly create some lightweight cannabis food where THC levels as low as 10 or 25 milligrams. These doses of THC are perfect for those individual who don’t get marijuana regularly. If you are a first time Cannabis user, you can try easily edibles. But you have to try very little amount pot food or very light weight cannabis food for first time.

Here is a list of Top 5 Edibles 2015, which are perfect for first time uses.

Bubba Kush Root Beer 100 mg

This is one of the excellent Cannabis-infused products which have normal root bear taste. In Bubba Kush Root Beer, the THC level is very low. According to the lab taste result, THC level is just 101.95 milligrams. This is the only product which is intended for Colorado medical patients. You can combine it with some amount of cannabis-infused ice cream; it will be a great treat.

Affogato bar

This is other amazing Cannabis-infused product which is made with vanilla latte, espresso and available with caramel flavors. With very low 100 mg THC level, this is intended to decrease the accidental ingestion. Available in excellent design childproof packaging, Affogato bar gets huge popularity in all over the world as low THC level Cannabis-infused product.

Orange Creamsicle Creampop

Orange Creamsicle Creampop is one of the most popular Edibles today that huge amount of Cannabis enthusiasts prefers to take regularly. This edible cannabis gets huge popularity in all over the world. According to the label, the product contains 54.73 mg THC / 20.27mg CBD.

180 mg Cherries & Cream Chocolate Bar by Bhang

Bhang has a well-earned reputation in across the globe as a Cannabis-infused product. Most of the Cannabis enthusiast loves this product. Now available with chocolate flavors bar, this product is extremely tasty and contains the chunks of real cherries. You will be able to experience the blast of fresh fruit flavor with each bite. Having 45 mg of THC, the bar is coming with four segments.

Raspberry Macaroons

Another tasty and healthy treat of Cannabis is Raspberry Macaroons which is rich with real raspberries, coconut, agave nectar, almond flour, vanilla, coconut oil. All the organic ingredients are combined to make a great treat which is absolutely delicious. Having professionally and nicely design packaging, the label can provide you all information of ingredients and doses of THC. Raspberry Macaroons contains total 200 mg THC per package