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Experienced marijuana users think that they know most of the types of marijuana, which exist in the market. But, the truth is that there are millions of different varieties of it.

At present, we can classify marijuana plants in two sets, within which all varieties are housed. The first set indicates the type of marijuana, the origin, and morphology of seeds. The second set indicates the type of marijuana, depending on how they grow, flower, and sex.

Let’s see the main characteristics of both sets to know what kind of marijuana we want or need.

We begin with the first set, which indicates the types of marijuana depending on the geography of seed origin and morphology (original source, since the reproduction of these can be carried out anywhere).

In this set our plants can be differentiated into three subcategories- Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

Cannabis Indica

This type of cannabis plants is native to Pakistan and India mainly, but we find indica varieties in many other places also. These are varieties that originally evolved in cold climates, where summers are short as in high altitudes. Because of this very characteristic morphology, plants are generally low or medium size, with short distances between nodes. Its leaves are broad, with broad leaflets and not very long.

Their flowering cycles are usually quite short, being about seven or eight weeks to get mature buds. Its production can vary greatly depending on the variety that we cultivate, although its effects usually are quite personally relaxing and narcotic. The buds have a wide range of tastes and smells, predominantly sweet flavors, earthy or hashish.

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Cannabis Sativa

This type of Cannabis plants is native to America, Asia, and Africa, where climates are warmer and summer is longest. We can find Sativa varieties in any place with tropical climate, where they grow and bloom without problems. Due to their geographical origin in places where the climate is tropical temperate, its morphology is very different from the Indica varieties. They usually are tall plants with long distances between nodes, and long and narrow leaves with leaflets.

Its flowering cycles are quite long, and can go from eight or nine weeks to sixteen weeks, depending on the variety that we cultivate. Their production differs across the variety. Its effect is general, psychoactive, mental, and sometimes euphoric activated features. The buds have very different, usually fruit or floral, spicy, wood flavor and there’s wide range to choose flavors from.

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Marijuana obtained by crossing indica varieties with sativa varieties is called hybrid varieties. Hybrids may have the qualities of any of its parents, and may have more indica or sativa trend in any of its virtues, taste, effect, production or morphology. It is said that marijuana hybrid varieties are more resistant and powerful, but the fact is that they are just different, not better or worse. Since its origins are very different, flavors, effects, and flowering time can vary greatly.

We must learn in depth about the features of each hybrid variety to know how it will behave. As a rule, seed banks that sell seeds provide all the information we need to cultivate without any problems or surprises.

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We have thus seen the different types of marijuana depending on their geographical origin and morphology. We will now see the different types depending on their growth, flowering, and sex.


Regular Variety

Regular varieties are those that have been obtained naturally, crossing a male marijuana plant with a female marijuana plant. The result offers seeds that flourish and can be male or female. In summary, regular varieties are those that do not guarantee that sex will have the plant to bloom.

Feminized Variety

The female varieties are those that were obtained by crossing a female plant with a female plant so that all the seeds will be female only. Currently, female varieties are the most sought after. It’s guaranteed that once the plants begin to bloom, they will be females that produce buds. Briefly, female varieties are those that guarantee female plants.

Autoflowering Variety

Autoflowering varieties are those that have been crossed with ruderalis cannabis, so they do not need a specific light cycle to flower. They can be feminized or regular. They are generally varieties that are within a specified period of time growth and flourish without summer or fulfill a certain light cycle. In short, they are marijuana plants that grow and bloom automatically, regardless of the light cycle.

These are all options that exist in the types of marijuana and can be mixed between categories to obtain millions of varieties.