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Marijuana or cannabis is the most controversial plant. Growing the plants is legalized in a few states of the US while some states are dead against the idea. Even so, cannabis has its own advantages. It has proved successful in treating several psychological and mental issues. Growing this plant indoors is a bit difficult and expensive process as it requires a lot of care and time. But someone who has access to a yard can actually find it easier to grow the cannabis plant.

  • One most important thing that a cannabis grower should know that planting the cannabis plant in the early months of the year, i.e. the winter months are dangerous for the plant as the cold winds are deadly for the plant.
  • As planting too early can turn out to be deadly for the plant, planting late can also be harmful because the plant requires going through the whole growth cycle before the temperatures drop. So the ideal time for planting the cannabis plant could be somewhere during mid-May.
  • There are numerous other factors that should be considered in order to determine the ideal time for plantation like the precipitation in your yard or the outside temperatures while the plant is in the yard. So considering all these factors, mid-May seems to be the perfect time for the growth of this plant.

The cannabis plant requires a lot of care and attention as the quality can be ruined by even small factors. You need to take care of the temperatures, the quantity of water as extremities will kill the plant or degrade its quality. So even if you attend to the plant completely, you may not be able to make up for the rest of the factors. Thus, you can grow the plant in a container so that you can protect it from high temperatures of the underground soil. Further, the plant cannot survive in windy areas as the branches may break easily, making the plant vulnerable to pests. So if you live in a windy area, you can install windbreakers.


The cannabis plant requires rich nutrients for healthy growth. It has to be taken care of in all aspects as the cannabis plant is not like any other plant that can be left on the ground and attended to during harvesting. For a successful plant growth and high yield, you have to pay attention to details.