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When The Body Is Naturally High: An Unexpected Discovery

While nations all over the world have done everything they could to turn cannabis into some sort of nightmarish enemy of the state, via legal institutions and moral propaganda, there is a type of production nobody will ever be able to declare illegal. In fact, scientists have recently discovered our body produces cannabis. No, I am not crazy, let me explain. I am not saying you should run to the doctor to start planning some kind of sci-fi cannabis “extraction”. What I am saying, however, is that our body is able to produce chemicals that are extremely similar to the infamous THC – the cannabinoid that makes you HIGH, for lack of better words.

But why?

It turns out this production is very important for our organism, especially for our skin. Researchers have confirmed the cannabinoids produced by our body play a key role when it comes to fight against acne and skin tumors, and they also keep our skin hydrated and elastic. The experts who are responsible for this discovery have conducted a series of experiments using human skin cells. They noticed that, when they are treated with the cannabinoids produced by our organism, these cells begin to produce lipids in a more efficient way, a process thanks to which cells live longer and the skin is healthier and better protected. In other words, the secret of a healthy skin is a kind of cannabinoid.

Following this incredible discovery, scientists have initiated a series of tests to determine whether or not cannabis can have the same effect on our skin. The preliminary results clearly indicate marijuana does have the properties the body needs to improve both the health and the look of our skin.

These researches could potentially revolutionize the cosmetic industry. In fact, dozens of studies have already demonstrated that regular anti-aging and moisturizing products have the most horrible effects on our skin in the long run.

Cannabis could soon become the point of reference of the cosmetic industry, and we are already witnessing the production of the first cannabis/hemp-based products. As a matter of fact, if you buy good quality seeds (which you can find here and you add a little bit of resin and argan oil, you could actually already produce your own beauty treatment.

Once again, cannabis means revolution: a new era made of less harmful chemicals and potions.