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In 33 states in the US, it is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes, and in 11 states, you can use it for recreational needs. For the longest time, people were made to believe that there is nothing good that can come out of weed, which researchers and numerous reports have debunked time and again. If you compare marijuana with alcohol, the former comes out as a much better choice. In this post, we are sharing some of the top reasons why cannabis is actually safer than alcohol.

1. No more weight gain. Well, let’s start on a light note. Alcohol is not the ideal choice for someone who has been trying to lose weight, thanks to empty calories. Cannabis, on the other hand, doesn’t pose a direct risk with regards to obesity.

2. Alcohol can cause deficiencies. Yes, you read that right. How you absorb vitamins and certain nutrients can be influenced by alcohol, and not with cannabis. Cannabis doesn’t have that many risks in that context.

3. The number of deaths. Unfortunately, there are more deaths and fatalities associated with alcohol abuse than many other substances. Cannabis, in fact, doesn’t have a conclusive record of being responsible for a death so far.

4. Acts of violence. Alcohol-induced violence is anything but uncommon, but that’s not the case with cannabis. Depending on the strain being used, cannabis can actually calm a person and make one feel better.

5. Cases of domestic violence. Cases of domestic violence, and violence in a relationship, are more common with alcohol abuse. World Health Organization has mentioned in a report that alcohol does reduce self-control. In many cases of sexual assault cases, alcohol use was a common factor. Cannabis doesn’t have as many cases – period.

6. Cannabis has medical use. Let’s not forget that cannabis has medical use and it can be used for beneficial reasons. Alcohol, on the other hand, can impact neurogenesis, which may affect the brain in adverse ways.

c7. Cannabis doesn’t cause fatty liver disease. One of the main reasons why you may want to avoid alcohol is fatty liver disease. Cannabis is safe in that context, and as long as you are using it for medical purposes as per recommended dose, there are not many side effects to be worried about.
Now that you have figured out the various aspects of why cannabis is a better choice, ensure that you get your supply from a known dispensary or online store, and always start slow with your dosage.