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Mycorrhizae fungi create a mutually beneficial relationship between different fungi and plants like cannabis. Many scientists estimate that the majority of vascular plants on the land survive because of this symbiotic relationship. It improves the overall growth of the plants by enhancing the nutrients and water intake. It is, therefore, necessary that you use these fungi on the cannabis cultivation substratum.

Benefits of Mycorrhizae:

  • Rich in nutrients: The primary use of mycorrhizae fungi is to increase the root surface area available in a cannabis plant. An expanded surface area will allow cannabis to penetrate more water and nutrients, which can help into a much healthier growth. Also, mycorrhizae can reduce the need of synthetic fertilizers to support robust development.

  • Makes the roots healthy: Healthier root system makes the cannabis more healthy, abundant, and vibrant. Therefore, maintaining a healthy root system is essential for cultivating high-quality cannabis. Mycorrhizae fungi have the potential to protect the cannabis cultivation from root exudates. This helps the plant to build thicker cell walls at the core, which in return restricts unwanted pathogens to penetrate.

  • Higher yields: When cannabis get maximum nutrients and water intake, it will produce more flower per crop. Cannabis plant with mycorrhizae tends to grow faster and produce abundant yields naturally. The fungi work as a growth booster for plants growing in low fertility soils. If you are planning cannabis cultivation, try to use high-quality seeds such as Jack Herer and Shemdog!

  • Reduces the stress level of plants: Stress levels in plants are caused due to unfavorable environmental conditions. Plant stress generally affects the metabolism, reproduction growth or root development of the cannabis. Mycorrhizae fungi build a high-level of resistance in cannabis, making them stronger.

  • Resistance to transplant shocks: Often your cannabis crop becomes crowded and there would be no space for them to grow both in length and breadth. In such situations, the transplant is the only solution. You should cautiously relocate cannabis plants because transplant shocks can damage the overall plant health. However, mycorrhizae fungi can ease these shocks while providing optimum water and nutrients to the new soil.

Conclusion: There are a number of good reasons why you should include super-beneficial mycorrhizae fungi in your grower’s toolbox. For better cannabis cultivation experience, try out FEMINISED CANNABIS SEEDS such as super lemon haze, white widow, big bang auto, and great white shark!