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Today, marijuana users can enjoy the benefits of marijuana without smoking or vaping the substance. Marijuana edibles allow them to enjoy the best of both worlds. Consuming products made with hash, buds, or kief allows users to get stronger results than smoking it. As a result, medical marijuana patients can take advantage of the health benefits of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids and create a more pleasant experience. Read on to know about cooking with various parts of the marijuana plant and the concentrates made from them:

Picking the Parts of the Marijuana Plant to Cook

The majority of growers and edible manufacturers produce the cannabutter used for cooking marijuana out of trim. Often, growers have an abundance of this product after processing their harvests and sell it to edibles manufacturers.

If you want to make your own edibles and you cannot get any trim, you can use the popcorn buds. Also, you can use a hash to make marijuana edibles because it is more potent and produces edibles with less of a strong weedy taste. A few consumers use kief, which refers to the THC crystals that fall off the plant during harvest, drying, and storage. Kief is a potent substance that can be substituted for buds, leaf, or hash. Just keep in mind that the part of the marijuana plant and the strength of the concentrate you will use for making cannabutter will impact their potency.

How to Prepare Cannabutter?

You cannot just consume raw marijuana and expect to get high. The THC available in the unprocessed plant comes in a form that cannot be digested. This THC is called THCA which needs to be heated to a temperature of around 220 degrees F to be converted into THC. When you smoke or vape marijuana, this takes place naturally when you light up or heat the buds. If you cook with it, you must use a process called decarboxylation.

To easily decarb cannabis, place it on a cookie tray and leave it in an oven preheated to 220-240 F for between 30 and 45 minutes. Decarbing buds and trim at this temperature range within this period will preserve terpenes, that affect the final product’s taste and effects.

Marijuana edibles are difficult to dose because each step of the decarbing and extraction process can change the potency of the buds, trim, kief, and hash. If you know what concentration of THC is present in your marijuana products, you can figure out how much THC every batch of edibles will have.