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Have You Heard About The Marijuana HB 2136 Business Solution?

Business is taking off now that Washington and Colorado first and later Oregon and Alaska, Washington DC too legalized marijuana for recreational reasons. More and more states are giving the green signal for medical marijuana too. Something like the gold rush, what is happening is the establishment of the cultivation, trade and retailers too in a guaranteed high profits market.

The problem of prices and taxes

Yet the question of taxes and price control is a tricky one! The procedure of taxes both for the growers and the retailers could be made less complicated. If you consider the huge profits made by drug cartels and the gang violence, government control is certainly necessary. One can hardly imagine some sort of international rate considering the fact that vast differences exist in rates in different continents and countries.

Growers have the advantage

The balance tilts strongly in favor of Asian and American countries that actually grow the stuff, whether indoors or outdoors that would be less expensive. The internet gives all the instructions and sells the seeds for cultivation that may not be legal in some areas. Restrictions are bound to gradually loosen up in view of medical benefits! Marijuana is reputed to cure not only cancer, but heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and asthma too.

HB 2136

Taking on the black market is the immense problem and legally cultivated marijuana would be a tiny fraction of the total world production. Besides, instead of being overawed, we need a simplified procedure that is both legal and feasible. A single tax at the sales outlet rather than taxing both growers and retailers separately would be a good working arrangement.

The sharing of tax revenues

Cities and counties would naturally want a share in the big loot! HB 2136 envisages firstly a collection of $ 25 million for the year by the Washington General Fund in marijuana excise tax revenue. After that point a part of the remaining taxable revenue goes to cities and counties. A maximum of $ 20 million for the year or 30% of the remainder would be redistributed. Counties get 60% and cities the 40% that remains.
The Obama and Clinton voices

Both of them wonder if marijuana revenues would flow in from the four states including Washington without an increase in crime rate. The experiment is ongoing and we may see results soon though things usually take a while. Patients should be helped medically at the same time without the social problems. Why not decriminalize marijuana by rescheduling the drug?