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Why not decriminalize and end the fuss about marijuana?

If even the clergy sees fit to support the cause of marijuana, probably the drug is more angelic than devilish. From being a villain all along, marijuana is emerging with heroic medical qualities besides being the recreational god for many. Maybe it’s an ego and pride that prevents the mild drug getting the nod with many lawmakers belonging to the older generation. The elders would still believe that marijuana fries the brain and sets loose criminal instincts. The fact that illegal marijuana is steeped in crime internationally does intensify such a belief. Yet the writing on the wall is clear. Truth must be revealed after all and American state is vouching for medicinal marijuana and the recreational setting is slowly ridding of the taboo too.

The peace pipe can be smoked at last without fear of the law

The confidence in marijuana now grows deep without the irrational fears connected with its use. Those four American states gave the green signal to recreational use too. Research indicates that supposed adverse effects on the brain have no foundation. It is shown that marijuana use does not have any long term effect on the brain. Though it may not be advisable to operate machinery and drive under the influence since it slows reflexes and promotes a stupor, no lasting damage is done.
Cannabis for mental illness

1. The world is slowly beginning to accept that cannabis certainly helping epilepsy cases, states like Texas approved marijuana CBD as treatment for epilepsy.

2. One authority believes that marijuana should not be administered to minors.

3. Depression and mental illness would benefit from the effect of marijuana,
according to studies.

4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) would be helped as revealed in the Neuropsychopharmacology journal.

5. University of Buffalo Institute research indicates that depression would be positively affected. The stability of moods that suffer under depression would be helped by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that marijuana contains.

6. New research also suggests that marijuana does not kill brain cells.
Marijuana is a pain relief

Besides the mental problems like depression that prompt users into marijuana habits, Morgan Freeman talks of physical pain. He suffered fibromyalgia pain in the arm after an accident and only marijuana could help his pain. He strongly believes that marijuana should be legalized. Alcohol on the other hand has no medicinal use except to fight cold, perhaps, though beer is said to be profoundly healthy.