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People often associate ‘weed’ with the ‘high’, but cannabis is so much more! There are literally countless strains available today, each one promising an experience that’s unique in its own ways. No matter whether you are taking medical or recreational cannabis, experimenting with strains is never a bad idea. There are days when you may feel absolutely low on energy and positivity. Below are 4 cannabis strains that can make you feel happy and positive.

Blue Diesel

Before we talk of this amazing strain, let’s clear one thing – cannabis works differently for different people. Your experience with a strain can be quite personal. Coming back to Blue Diesel, this is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a mix of two other popular strains – Blueberry and NYC Diesel. Although this hybrid is more inclined towards Indica effects, the euphoria is hard to resist, making Blue Diesel an ideal strain for daytime use.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is one of those sativa-dominant strains that works for most people. The pineapple flavors of this strain are quite evident, while there is also a hint of citrus. Maui Wowie is meant for daytime use and can offer a boost to your mind. You may find an instant change or shift in your mood, but without the need to hit the couch. No wonder, medical cannabis users often use it for stress and depression.

Laughing Buddha

The name says it all. Laughing Buddha is a sativa-dominant strain, with THC content around 18%. The strain is ideal for those having a tough time with focus and concentration, but Laughing Buddha can actually make you laugh without waiting for long. There is a hint of spice and fruity flavors in this strain, which is known for being a cross between Jamaican and Thai strains.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is popular for many reasons and is often used by those dealing with anxiety and stress. This is a sativa-dominant strain that doesn’t make you go over the board, but offers a nice mind-numbing effect that will keep you going. Most users claim that it boosts creativity and makes them feel more energized and happier.

Other honorable mentions

If you are looking for other options, you can consider other ‘happy strains’, such as Chem Dawg¸ Black Diamond, Rainbow, and Mango Kush. Each strain is best enjoyed on its own, and as you try more options from local dispensaries, you will discover a favorite that will work for all bad-mood days.