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Marijuana is known for its medicinal benefits and the fact that it delivers an ecstatic euphoric high. This state of euphoria is experienced due to the presence of THC in marijuana strains. Also, the ones with a higher percentage of THC are the ones that are usually more flavorful. So, if you’re into marijuana cultivation or just a marijuana enthusiastic, you’ll find our guide on, what are the marijuana genetics with the highest THC percentage very helpful.

Marijuana Strains With High THC

The guide below is a careful combination of high THC strains selected from millions of strains that are cultivated globally.

1. Godfather OG

This marijuana strain is a spectacular hybrid obtained by crossing OG Kush with Cherry pie and Granddaddy purps. It contains about 34% pure THC and is a strain for advanced users only. Other than the high, it’s also known to ease the following medical conditions.

  • It can reduce pain and inflammation.
  • It helps in reducing stress.
  • It is helpful in treating insomnia.

2. Strawberry Banana

Strawberry banana is a flavorful sweet-tasting weed strain that’s a hybrid obtained by crossing Banana Kush with Strawberry bubblegum flavor. It contains about 31.6% unadulterated THC.

It is known to deliver a stunning high and because it contains a very high percentage of THC, you should be very careful about its dosage. Some other known benefits of this marijuana strain are a reduction in headache, depression, and stress. Also, it can help you sleep better.

3. Irish Cream

This flavorful marijuana strain is a result of backcrossing the Mighty Irish Hope seeds developed by the company Mighty Irish Seeds. It is known to contain about 27% of THC and is characterized by its creamy and aromatic flavor. It offers ecstasy and relaxes the brain and it also spurs creativity. Other than that, it is helpful in treating insomnia by reducing stress and depression.

4. White Tahoe Cookies

This stunning weed strain is a hybrid that’s obtained by crossing Tahoe OG with Girl Scout Cookies and The White. It contains about 27% of THC and it works as a sedative. Be careful with the dosage though, it can knock you out for hours. In the right doses, it is known to enhance creativity and reduce stress.

1. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie is a hybrid obtained by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison. It contains about 20% of unadulterated THC and is perfect for beginners. It offers a stunning high and fiddles with creativity as well.