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Reinhard Delp is a famous cannabis enthusiast and cultivator. He’s responsible for the reintroduction of the GLR (Gas Lantern Routine) technique for indoor marijuana cultivation. It is basically a lighting technology for indoor cannabis plants. A few reasons that this technique is gaining popularity include the following most relevant ones.

  • It’s a power-saving option.
  • It keeps indoor cannabis away from the threat of burns. In other words, the light does not burn the roots or leaves.
  • It doesn’t alter the natural taste of buds since it allows normal production of terpene in the trichomes.

Precisely, Reinhard Delps technique is one of the safest ways to cultivate marijuana plants indoors. But, the question is, what is this technique exactly and how is it different from all other techniques? If you’ve been interested in learning about the same, then this guide on the Reinhard Delp technique in cannabis crops is the right choice for you.

What Is It?

This technique is basically a lighting setup for cultivating cannabis indoors. Also known as 12-1 lighting technique, it basically means that the plants receive 12 hours of light followed by 5.5 hours of absolute darkness with an intermittent gap of 1 hour in between. This procedure is continued throughout the vegetation stage of cannabis.

This regular lighting pattern intensifies the growth response of the plants. As a result, the plants develop more buds and naturally, the yield is high. In other words, the Reinhard Delp technique tends to keep indoor cannabis plants longer into the vegetative state and that is why the plants have more buds. That said, this technique is more suitable for producing Sativa dominant cannabis hybrids.

What Are Its Elaborate Benefits?

Other than the fact that this technique saves money and increases the yield, there are some other benefits too. The most significant ones include the following.

  • This method recreates lighting conditions closest to natural lighting conditions outdoors.
  • This method results in a successful yield in cold regions as well since it mimics the sunny weather that’s ideal for cannabis cultivation.
  • This lighting pattern results in less humid conditions. As a result, indoor cannabis plants grown by this technique are less prone to developing white powdery mildew than other indoor cannabis plants.
  • The plants grow taller naturally with more buds without the need of topping or stretching.

Moving on, when the vegetation stage is over, the lighting pattern in this technique changes to adapt to the needs of the flowering stage.

During the last few weeks, when the plant begins to flower, the Reinhard Delp’s technique involves 11 hours of light and 13 hours of light off period. Following weeks witness 10.5 hours light and 13 hours light off.

Lastly, end the process in the final week, right before harvesting, with 9 hours light on and 15 hours light off.