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5 recent inventions proving the medical priority of marijuana!

Research on marijuana has got a spur in recent times. It has been explored in a search by the National library of medicine that till today as much as 23,000 research papers and peer reviewed articles has been published and all of them circumscribe the marijuana medications. New scientific papers and patents are proposed almost daily regarding the same. This article enumerates five more such studies that shakes the shackles of federal government’s latest declaration that marijuana is a dangerous substance lacking health benefits.

1. Better options for the brain injury patients.

Recent studies conducted by scientists from countries like Argentina, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States stated that cannabis was excitingly improving the health conditions for the brain injuries. They reported that cannabis having the neuron protective effects on the humans can rectify the trauma in the brain injury cases. They can also potentially be a good guide to recovery for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

2. Marijuana is not a psychosis generator

It was a common belief that the intake of the marijuana in pots through smoke stimulates the tendencies of psychosis. The research at the University of Wyoming and NYC’s Columbia University has clearly affirmed that it is not marijuana that impels the psychosis in youth but the early and heavy usages make the individual vulnerable to the disorder. Thus there is no direct link except the greed for more than requisite. The studies even asserted that the presence of cannabidiol in the plant is an anti psychotic agent!

3. CBD oil is a boon to epileptic treatments

Epilepsy can be greatly cured by the use of CBD oil found from the cannabis. A recent research has avowed that conventional epilepsy treatments shall fail in front of the miraculous neuro cure of the CBD in cannabis. The CBD is also a cure for the seizure pains and thus has opened a new dimension in medications.

4. The silver hairs are taking to pot treatments

More and more amount of American old citizens are taking to the treatments of medical marijuana. As per the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence medical marijuana users are increasing in aged people which indicates that medical cannabis is really working!

5. THC in treating leukemia

Recent inventions have revealed that synthetic THC (aka dronabinol) which is an integrated component of the marijuana is effective in killing the leukemic cells bringing the good treatment to the disease.

Thus it has been asserted and affirmed that medical marijuana is really working loads in hospital and health schemes.