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Debate of nomenclature between two cannabis breeds of today

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica: these two names are possibly heard by all and sundry of the modern times. These are the tow different breeds of cannabis most popularly used as the medication purposes throughout the continents of Europe and America where cannabis is legalized. The two breeds of the plants and different and so are their areas of work and application. This article shall enumerate the characteristics of the two plants.


Sativa trees are characterized by the skinny leaflets. The plants are generally tall with a big stature. They flower for longer times and they provide a cerebrally high breed. The sativa is derived from the Latin word which implies to the word cultivated. This means the characteristic of Sativa that it is cultivated by the human civilization for a long time is the source of the name which it contains. The plant was cultivated widely and the same is followed till date for its seed, fiber, and flowers.

How long?

This is really a mystery as there are no real evidence as to when man started the cultivation of cannabis. Some refer that cannabis was first cultivated in central Asia and then the world followed. The cannabis sativa was mainly used for spiritual purposes. Thus the word gets the right nomenclature “sativa” or “the cultivated cannabis”.


The indica plants are characterized by the wide leaflets and the plant has a bushy appearance. This plant produces a powerful breed of cannabis seed. The THC value of the plant is high and the seeds and very sedating. Thus, this is one of the most popularly cultivated plants indoors at the modern times.
The nomenclature of the plant is derived from a Latin adjective. “Indica” implies to “India”. This means that possibly the plant has been used to be irrigated by the Indians widely.

By India, it is not strictly implying to India of the Asian continent. Many researchers agree to the fact that this plant was first made and cultivated by the red Indians of America. Many more say that this indica is real India today. In fact, it has been proved that the cultivation of cannabis originated in central Asia and then it traveled to other places.

Whatever be the origin the seed and the fiber of this plant is still used widely in India. In the ancient times, it was used for neural medications. Thus, it can be enumerated that the plant has begot the right name.