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There are many ways to harvest marijuana crops, LST being the prominent one that has ruled marijuana cultivation for years. However, with time, the cultivation needs have changed. There is not as much free land left as there used to be. Which is why newer crop training techniques have started emerging. One such technique that is attracting many marijuana cultivators – amateurs as well as professionals – is the ponytail training method.

But, before jumping straight to the Uses of the ponytail in Marijuana crops, it’s first necessary to understand what it is.

So, What Is Ponytail Harvesting Technique?

Ponytail in marijuana crops is a method to allow light to evenly disperse in the middle branches as well as the lower buds as much as it does on the top. In open, it is only the top of the marijuana crops that receive light. As a result, they shoot up. But, when ponytailed – the crop is rolled downwards and tied with the help of an elastic band like a rubber tape – they start growing horizontally as well.

That being said, it now comes to the benefits of ponytails in marijuana crops – why is it becoming popular?

  • Ponytailing Increases The Growth – Ponytail in marijuana plants results in explosive growth. Since all buds get enough light, they start expanding from the main stem. So, instead of 1 main stem, now you have many. Clearly, one germinated seed can crop into many marijuana branches with the help of ponytail.
  • Ponytailing Consumes Less Space – Since Marijuana plants start growing horizontally as well instead of just the vertical growth, it’s easier to manage them indoors. The grooming gets easier too. In other words, it is a better technique for new growers.
  • Ponytailing Is Economical – The growth of the marijuana crops increase substantially and so does the yield. As a result, you will end up reaping more than you do from the most other harvesting methods.

That said, ponytail in marijuana is also gaining popularity because it produces high-quality weed. Some cultivators might argue that ponytails disrupt Auxin supply that’s not beneficial. But, in all reality, once the buds on the steam open – after ponytail is opened – Auxin returns to its natural state. It starts working individually on all new branches alongside the main stem. All in all, yield increases without compromising the quality of the crop.