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Cannabis expands its roots deep within the soil to extract nutrients that are necessary for growth. Clearly, healthy roots mean healthy crops that mean more yield. Thus, home growers need to be more careful when it comes to strengthening marijuana roots, especially during indoor cultivation. And that can be done with the help of certain root stimulants. In fact, these root stimulating techniques are equally beneficial for professional cultivators.

Amongst the many techniques that have been introduced over time to stimulate root growth in cannabis, the best ones are listed below.

1. Proper Light Setup

The first factor that decides whether or not the crop will grow substantially is light exposure. Light has to be artificially supplied in indoor cultivation. Depending upon the size of the area, you can choose between 2 techniques – LED culture and HPS culture. The proper amount of light exposure will ensure that the plants produce enough nutrients that’ll help the roots to grow and expand.

2. Microbes Stimulation

Soil fertility is an important factor when it comes to the proper growth of Cannabis roots. And what’s better than microorganisms to ensure your crops have access to the maximum fertility.

Remember, perfect soil is the one that contains friendly bacteria and fungi. These bacteria and fungi colonize around the roots and keep pathogens away. This helps in keeping the entire plant healthy. You can easily find such artificial supplements that are the perfect mixture of such root stimulating microbes. When supplied during the initial stages, they ensure that the roots become strong and develop faster. Precisely, this is one of the best techniques to stimulate root growth in Cannabis naturally.

3. Soil Supplements

Some of the primary reasons that Cannabis roots fail to grow and expand include:

  • Deficiency of proper nutrients
  • Improper water retention

Adding artificial soil supplements that can take care of both these factors is, thus, another significant way to stimulate root growth in Cannabis. Some such best soil supplements include:

  • Vermicompost
  • Bone meal
  • Peat moss
  • Arlita
  • Perlite
  • Coco coir

Other than these 3 root stimulating techniques, there are some other important factors you should know about because these practices are the ones that result in stunted root growth.

  • Over Irrigation – Standing water is never good for cannabis roots.
  • Space Shortage – Remember, cannabis roots grow and expand quickly. Thus, there should be enough free space to avoid root overlapping.

As long as you avoid these mistakes and practice proper root stimulating techniques, your cannabis crops should grow just fine.