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According to one (Former) Reporter we should all go Public with our Pot Use. There are some interesting ways to start an advocacy career and end your current occupation, but few as dramatic as what happened several months ago. At the end of September one very inspired Alaskan firebrand reporter quit her job live on the air to support cannabis legalization and general legal reform in a most subtle way. On the Alaska Dispatch Charlo Greene, real name Charlene Egby, towards the end of a report covering the upcoming cannabis legalization measures in Alaska said,
“Now everything you’ve heard is why I the actual owner of Alaska Cannabis Club will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom in fairness which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, well not that I have a choice, but fuck it, I quit.”

And then immediately walked off screen. And just in case you did think the whole thing was faked or staged the KTVA news anchor then stumbles over her words while attempting to salvage the situation. KTVA then also released a tweet apologizing for the language that was used and explained the employee (Greene) was terminated, and a brief news broadcast saying the same thing.
While I can’t say it was the most professional way to leave a job Greene certainly did have quiet an impact. One clip of her on-air resignation has had over twelve million views. But of course Greene has done far more since then in accordance with her words and has clarified her reasons for quitting. According to Greene a century of misinformation, including propaganda on her own news station, prompted her to become a full-time activist.
Greene states that “we” as cannabis users should adopt to the Harvey Milk strategy, or in other words be completely open about our cannabis usage to dispel stoner stereotypes and gain higher political visibility. She’s continued to clarify her position in other views and simultaneously be even prouder about her position. For example, during an interview with the Huffington Post Greene gave backstory for her reason to quit and, in the middle of the interview, casually lit up a modest joint.

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