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Not everyone is interested in the cerebral high of cannabis. That may sound weird to some recreational cannabis users, but that’s the truth. If you are someone who suffers from nerve pain, or chronic pain, you know how hard things can get on bad days. People with chronic pain often end up popping a lot of painkillers. In case you are looking for an alternative, cannabis can help. That said, each cannabis strain is different, and each strain many work differently for different people. In this post, we are talking of ACDC, which is known for its incredible CBD profile, which makes it an ideal strain for pain.

The basics

ACDC is a balanced strain (50% sativa and 50% Indica). The THC content of this strain is anywhere between 1% and 5%, so if you want to feel that ‘high’, this is definitely not the strain for you. ACDC scores high in CBD, with average content of 20%. Spanish seed company Resin Seeds is known as the creator of ACDC, while the lineage is believed to be Cannatonic and Ruderalis plants.

What to expect?

ACDC is often considered to be awesome strain for pain, especially nerve pain. It also offers some relief for those suffering from Crohn’s disease, anxiety, and inflammation. While a lot of research is still needed to conclude that ACDC is the ideal or a good strain for pain, users mostly have positive things to say. ACDC’s effects are not as intoxicating as other popular cannabis strains, and you may feel a mix of sleepiness and uplifted mood.

Growing ACDC

ACDC is not an easy strain to grow, so this may not be an ideal option for beginners. It is important to maintain ventilation in the room, to avoid both mildew and mold. The plant can grow both indoors and outdoors, and the flowering time is usually around 10 weeks. It thrives better in dry climates, and the overall size of the plant is around 50-inches.

Final word on ACDC for pain

If you don’t want the high of cannabis but wish to experience the benefits of CBD, ACDC is the strain for you. For recreational users, ACDC may work better as a matter of choice, more than a strain to feel happy. Check online for more reviews and go slow with the strain. With any new strain, make sure to take things easy, to know the effects better.