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If you are using cannabis for medical needs, you just cannot go and grab any strain that you want. Some strains are great for depression and mood disorders, while others have high CBD content that’s ideal for other health concerns. So, what’s the best strain for chronic pain? While there’s no one answer for that, but for many regular medical cannabis users, White Widow does top the list. In this post, we are sharing a review of White Widow with facts that you need to know.

The basics

For the uninitiated, White Widow is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which is widely loved for its revitalizing effects. The lineage includes two other popular options – Brazilian indica and South Indian sativa. The strain won the “High Times Cannabis Cup” in the year 1995, and that should tell a lot about its effects and benefits. Coming to the THC content, White Widow contains around 20% THC, but for some phenotypes, this may be higher. The CBD content of this strain is no more than 1%.

Should you consider White Widow for chronic pain?

Yes, White Widow is known to induce a sense of cerebral high that can help you relax. While you won’t be knocked out, the strain can help you deal with chronic strain better. The strain has been also recommended for those dealing with depression and stress. Unlike some of the other potent strains, White Widow is usually a good choice for beginners, but again, go easy. Whenever you try a new strain, especially for a medical benefit, you need to take it slow, to understand how it affects your body. White Widow can be consumed in the daytime, but is best suited for evening use, despite being a sativa-dominant. You can easily go for a walk after this strain.

Growing White Widow

White Widow is ideal for most growers with some experience of growing cannabis. The strain can be grown in colder climates and is fairly resistant to common pests, including mold. White Widow can be grown indoors and outdoors, and the flowering period is anywhere between 8 weeks and 10 weeks. The strain is known for its trichomes that gives it a ‘frosty’ look, and if you want that with your grow, wait for the 10-week period, although you may want to minimize light for the last couple of weeks.

Check online now to find White Widow seeds and do check grow recommendations.