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Aphids are a very common name that most marijuana growers dread. But why? That’s the one question that bothers a lot of people. What’s so different about aphids than other pests that makes them so dangerous? Well, the reasons are listed below.

  • Marijuana aphids are usually green and they hide under the leaves. Thus, by the time they are detected, the infection has already spread.
  • When aphids suck on a leaf, they leave behind a nasty liquid that attacks ants and spider mites. As a result, they invite more pests.

Precisely, it’s of utmost necessity that you take care of aphids before they can destroy the entire yield. The guide below addresses the situation and makes mention of some of the best natural products to eliminate aphid in marijuana plants.

1. Use Essentria IC3

Essentria IC3 is a spectacular mixture of different horticultural oils that are antimicrobial. When applied on leaves, aphids die the moment they come in contact with the solution. Use it twice a day for as long as you notice aphids for infection control and removal.

2. Use Spinosad

Spinosad is a water-soluble organic insecticide that can kill aphids almost instantly.

  • You can mix it with water and spray it on the leaves and stem generously.
  • You can apply it directly on the leaves over and under.

Once aphids are removed, you can continue using Spinosad as an irrigation solvent to keep other pests away.

3. Use Neem Oil

Despite it might sound very Orthodox and less effective, but Neem oil is actually a very safe natural product to prevent, contain, and control the spread of aphids. You can apply it on the leaves directly. You can also add it in water and then spray it on the leaves and stem generously. Continuous use will keep pests away.

Other than these 3 natural products, you can also use organic insecticidal soaps. You might also be interested in the following few techniques to prevent aphid infection.

  • Introduce pest eating insects like ladybugs in your garden.
  • Prune and hose the crops if you find any pest of the leaves.
  • Use fans for air ventilation for indoor marijuana crops.

That being said, aphids are more common in outdoor marijuana cultivation than indoor. The best method is still prevention. So, use the above-listed products to water your crops in order to hamper the infection from occurring in the first hand.