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As aromatic as it is, marijuana’s smell is equally strong. If you’re growing it in your indoor garden, you wouldn’t want your neighbors, in the least, your pets or children, to be inhaling it. For one, cannabis scent takes no time in mingling with the air and traveling greater lengths that you can imagine, and two, everyone might not be willing to get hit with marijuana’s scent. So, what to do? The plant will, of course, smell, it’s up to you to control that odor.

This is one problem that many cannabis growers face. If you’ve been one of those growers looking forward to exploring effective techniques to eliminate the smell of marijuana in indoor crops, then this is a promising guide that’ll help you substantially.

1. Use A Vacuum Ventilation Fan

No, this isn’t any special kind of fan. Your normal ventilation fan can work as a vacuum, absorbing all the odor when it is placed at the correct positions. The fans should be placed in such a way that there are 1 inlet and 1 outlet.

Also, each vent fan you use should have a carbon filter. Why? Well, activated carbon will absorb the odor before the air could leave the room. This is one technique that helps in eliminating marijuana odor from the indoor gardens.

2. Use Odor Neutralizers

Odor neutralizers are becoming more and more popular in indoor marijuana cultivation because they help mask marijuana scent completely.

However, there’s this catch you should be aware of – never, and we mean never ever, use odor neutralizers when the plant starts flowering. Odor neutralizers are perfectly capable of altering the natural aroma of the buds. So, as soon as the plant reaches the flowering stage, it’s time that you switch to some other technique to eliminate marijuana’s scent.

3. Negative Ion Generators

Negative Ion generators release an electric charge in the air. As soon as these electrically charged molecules collide with molecules with any kind of odor, the odor is instantly absorbed and perfectly eliminated. However, when using one, make sure they’re installed outside the indoor garden. If inside, they can alter the taste of the plant.

4. HEPA Filters

HEPA filters work on very much the same concept as carbon filters do. They absorb mild odors, allergens, and dust. In fact, to increase their odor absorbing capacities, they are sometimes equipped with activated charcoal.