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The residents of Massachusetts may someday have a different kind of place than bar for relaxation after work. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in this state in December 2016, there’s a high chance that legal marijuana cafes could be a reality soon. Well, now that marijuana is legal here, how are the laws pertaining to it. Are the cannabis laws very lenient in Massachusetts? Read on to find out.

A few days after the election, recreational marijuana was legalized here and permitted adults over the age of 21 to grow and smoke weed in their homes.

According to the newly passed cannabis laws, the residents of this state can grow six plants per individual, and each household has a limit of twelve plants. However, this quantity is not something rare – it’s quite common like in most of the other states of the US that have legalized recreational marijuana. For instance, Colorado also permits its residents to possess six plants per individual (out of which only three can be flowering at a time). However, there’s not household limitation. Oregon permits four plants per household, while California permits six. Washington, on the other hand, does not allow home cultivation at all.

The lawmakers of Massachusetts have already voted in favor of delaying retail cannabis sales by six more months, postponing it to July. This is the reason why we are stating that the residents may have a different kind of place than bar to relax ‘someday’. With this delay, it’s likely that there could be marijuana bars sometime by the year end, though not anytime sooner than that.

In December, the Senate and Massachusetts House members and told that they are taking into consideration the idea of cutting down the number of weed plants per household. The lawmakers of the state are yet to file regulation to restrict the number of plants adults can cultivate at home.

Even though recreational marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts, it is illegal to smoke weed in public even now. Furthermore, those who drive when they are high could lead to an OUI. People have the rights to carry only an ounce of marijuana, and possess up to ten ounces in their home.

Considering all the above discussed points, it’s fair to say that cannabis laws in Massachusetts are quite strict as in any other state. There’s nothing like leniency pertaining to these laws.