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As the Presidential election was in progress in the US so was the battle for legalisation of marijuana. So far, 28 states have the right to use marijuana legally in some form. But with Trump administration in power, there is fear setting in that the progress that was gained by the pot community in last eight years of Obama administration might get swept away.

With Senate Judiciary Committee approving Trump’s nominee Jeff Sessions for the post of Attorney General, the fear is not inexplicable. Jeff is quite outspoken when it comes to drugs and he might reinstate federal enforcement of staying out of states’ business. Trump right from day one is giving the slogan of American First and as such people expect that he should legalise marijuana to help the American businesses.

Here’s why they think so:

• The US marijuana industry is expected to be a $21 billion industry by 2021. There are millions of dollars of the citizens of the US at stake. The Rohrbacher-Farr amendment is due for renewal on April 28 by the Congress. It provides protection against government’s interference to medical marijuana businesses, but in case it is not renewed many businesses will collapse leading to huge losses.

• The new President is a businessman and so are many of his cabinets. As a businessman, he is aware of the fact as to what the cannabis industry is capable of? It has provided jobs to nearly 100,000-150,000 people and is capable of providing more if it is made legal in the country.

• Legalising marijuana will result in its popularity soaring. It will become a new export item helping the Americans earn lots of foreign exchange. Even the American banks will gain out of it.

• The marijuana spending in the US is to the tune of $30 billion annually, but legal sales are only one-fifth of it. If legalised, it would mean a market of $50 billion by the year 2026. Thus, fiscally it makes a lot of sense.

• The main rivals of the American pot industry are the criminals and Mexican drug cartels. Legalising it in America will help businesses in the US prosper while putting a nail in the coffins of these drug cartels and mafias.

Thus, legalising the marijuana in the US is a win-win for both Trump and the American businesses.