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Good news for the cannabis farmers! If you are already too stressed as your cannabis plants take a long time to complete its cycle that is not the case anymore with the auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Yes, they are now available and the good thing is, there are now more strains to choose from.

Before choosing the strain though, you must first orient yourself about auto-flowering seeds.

This is a new innovation and the reason this is called auto-flowering is that of the fact that despite the condition of the environment like the light and so on, this can still generate flowers. This is because it has other triggers to do so and that is the age and size.

This innovation comes from what is called as C. Ruderalis. So what is this? This is a putative third species that originated from Russia. It is notable for a number of characteristics such as:

Low cannabinoid levels


Low resistance

The tendency to flower regardless of light

This is expected to grow, flower and seed in a much shorter time than the other cannabis seeds.

Due to the fact that this can still flower despite the condition of light, these types of seeds actually don’t need darkness. That means you can basically reduce the electricity usage on them without the risk of affecting their yields.

You can harvest more

Yes, if you happen to be staying in an area with favorable climate or at least above freezing, you should be able to harvest about 5 cycles. The autos here are frost resistant though they can’t survive in a climate that is freezing for a long time.

Cloning will be hard

This is just the thing with auto-flowering seeds though, they are hard to clone thus you should just use the seeds version. The thing is when you cut a stem from a mother plant, that stem would most likely copy the genetics of the mother plant. It means that it will follow its stages in the entire cycle like the flowering stage and so on. But still, it is not entirely hopeless as there are farmers who have successfully done this.

The bottom line here is there is a way to shorten the complete cycle of a cannabis plant and that is through the innovative autoflowering technology. You should try this out yourself as for sure, you will approve of the process.