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Curing might be the trickiest part of the entire marijuana cultivation process and certainly one of the most important when considering the resulting buds. A properly cured crop will have better flavor, smoke smoother and have overall better appearance. Curing can make the difference between bud everyone wants and bud that is a last resort.

Right after the bud has been picked, the buds are still alive for a short period of time. Over about the course of three days, a complex biological process happens in the plants. Chlorophyl is metabolized, which often brings out the hidden colors of the plant as the green is digested. Red, yellow and purple colors are often seen if curing is done correctly.

Keep Conditions Perfect

There are two important factors to consider when curing: temperature and humidity. During the curing process, the buds should remain between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity level at 50%. These conditions allow the bud to stay alive and not dry out too fast.

If the plant dries out too fast it will take on a dark green color and will have a harsh smoke to it. Excess sugars and chlorophyl are left in the buds. To maintain optimal conditions, Ed Rosenthal recommends using a dehumidifier in combination with an air conditioner to achieve the best results.

Balance heat and Temperature

Excess humidity encourages the growth of mold, which can lead to problems during the drying process. Mold will often promote anaerobic respiration in the plants and cause fermentation. This causes the bud to turn brown.

Excess temperature will cause the bud to dry too fast, as well as encourage the evaporation of the terpenes within the bud. This causes the natural fruity, or herbaceous smells to leave the bud. This step sets grass apart from loud. Avoiding sunlight will limit photo-deterioration, and keep the bud strong and pungent as well.

Rosenthal suggests freeze drying as the best way to preserve the life of the bud. The water will freeze and sublimate out of the bud while preserving all of the terpenes and oils of the plant. They can also be kept until used, especially in personal small garden grows. Unfreeze the bud shortly before it’s smoked and it’s nearly as fresh as off the branch even years after harvest.

Now you know how to take White Rhino from Green House Seed Co. and turn it into the best buds you’ve ever smoked. Enjoy the smooth smoke, stronger high that proper curing provides.


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