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LotoLabs recently announced that they are releasing a new style of vaporizer called the Evoke. With a stylish design and a unique look, this vaporizer stands to reinvent the market entirely. It is not all about looks though; the Evoke uses induction to heat the material indirectly and is the first vaporizer to take advantage of this technology. Traditional vaporizers either use Convection or Conduction to heat the flower, oils or wax that are to be inhaled. So how do each of these processes work, what are they good at and which process is the best?

Traditional Vaporizers

Starting with the most basic vaporizer technology, which is specifically thermal conduction. Thinking back to high school or college physics class, conduction a transfer of heat between two parts of a system, caused by a temperature difference between parts of the system. In vaporizers this means that a current is passed through a metal contact, causing it to heat up to a temperature which correlates to the amount of current used.

In conduction vaporizers, the vaporized material is placed directly onto the contact, thus heating the material and vaporizing the chemicals. Of the three kinds of vaporization technology, this is the fastest to heat up, but is the most likely to overheat and cause a combustion material. Conduction vaporizers are usually the least expensive though, so you get what you pay for.

A convection vaporizer uses a liquid medium, which can be something like water or air, to heat the material. If this design sounds similar to antiquated oil space heaters, it is because they both take advantage of the same technology. This design heats material more evenly and therefore has a smaller risk of combustion, and is the preferred method for plant material. Of course there are convection designs that work with oils and wax as well.

The main drawback of this design is the length of time it takes for them to heat up; however the limited risk of combustion outweighs the slower process. They are generally more expensive, but the designs are more complicated and work better, so the extra cost is generally considered to be worth the extra expense.

A Step above the Rest

Induction is the newest vaporizer technology and LotoLabs is the only company producing vaporizers of this kind. Evoke takes advantage of a magnetic field to create an even current throughout the metallic material, translating into a precise temperature control. This is the most accurate form of vaporizer and is the least likely to cause combustion. Vaporzing is the best way to smoke plant material grown from seeds produced by the best in the industry.

The technology is more complex and therefor more expensive than both convection and conduction vaporizers. Although they heat up more slowly than conduction vaporizers, they are faster than convection vaporizers and can be used in combination with convection to make the best vaporizers for plant material ever made. Many companies will likely soon start making similar styles, so be on the lookout.