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The idea of legalization of Marijuana has had its own ups and downs in several countries. Countries like Georgia, Canada, and a few states in the US, have either legalized the use of medicinal marijuana or decriminalized it. This is probably due to the fact that cannabis or medicinal marijuana has proved to be more than just a drug, it treats several medical conditions including schizophrenia, depression, and even stress, which is why, the consumption of marijuana or cannabis, can become quite necessary in some conditions. Furthermore, the better experience can be obtained as the CBD products can complement your use of cannabis. CBD shatter, CBN isolates, and CBD isolate slabs are a few great complements.


  • CBD, when combined with cannabis can produce what is called the Entourage effect. According to this effect, various parts of the cannabis plant like terpenes and Cannabidiol work together, maximizing the effects of the combination. Thus, this can be extremely beneficial for those who seek the benefits of medical marijuana, as CBD and Cannabidiol together enhance the effects of Marijuana.

  • The fact that CBD is already present in the cannabis plant proves that CBD works really well with cannabis. Plus, when taken together, CBD can effectively calm you down, do you happen to get extremely high. Research proves that CBD can have calming effects on you, toning the psychoactive effects of THC down.

Ways of using CBD

  • An astounding fact about CBD is that there are multiple ways of using it as well as combining it with cannabis. One can get CBD shatter or CBD isolate powder and add it to your cannabis before smoking it.

  • If consuming cannabis through edibles entices you, you can always add CBD isolate powder to your favorite recipe or you can get food containing THC from cannabis and additional CBD. Thus, there are countless ways of consuming CBD and cannabis combined.

  • Try consuming smaller amounts of the CBD-cannabis combination as there is no perfect ratio for the consumption, but one can start by consuming 5 to 15 milligrams.


The quality of the product matters a lot while purchasing these products. CBD shatter or CBN isolates for instance need to be purchased of high-quality as their lower-quality may turn out to be harmful irrespective of the price. Therefore, thorough research before the purchase can make you go a long way.