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Marijuana in contemporary times has gained massive support all over the world because of the benefits it provides. Several research studies are being conducted to find out more uses of cannabis. Many say that the legalization of medical marijuana in the whole of the US is possible in the near future. It is, therefore, necessary for people to start acknowledging the fact that marijuana is more than merely a drug used for recreational purposes.

Today, the states where marijuana has been decriminalized find themselves in a comparatively well off position as with the Covid-19 pandemic, the economies have almost collapsed.

So with cannabis consumption becoming more mainstream, let’s talk about its growing trend called microdosing.

Delving into microdosage

  • Medical benefits of THC can be obtained with the consumption of small amounts of cannabis while avoiding the psychoactive effects that may hamper with the demands of daily life. Microdosage is becoming popular gradually as it has proven to be successful in treating patients with advanced cancer. These patients were initially given traditional opioid painkillers to which they were unresponsive and showed no change at all.

  • Later these patients were given nabiximols, which is a compound of THC and CBD, at low, medium, and high doses. The result was: patients who were given the lowest dosage, showed the greatest reduction of pain, juxtaposing to this, pain in the patients who were given higher doses, increased notably.

  • A major aspect of microdosage is that the consumers need to understand that the motive is not getting stoned or getting rid of the symptoms altogether. The goal is to get relief for a while. When the point where you feel relieved is reached, you stay there for a while, increasing the dosage a little bit if needed.

Methods of microdosage

  • Microdosing cannabis can be done in several ways; smoking and vaping being one of the methods.

  • The method works appropriately and effectively once the consumer takes a puff, wait for 5 minutes in order to feel the effects and then take another puff if needed.

  • Microdosages can also work great through edibles, tinctures, and oils since dosages can be consumed more accurately through these products.

  • Microdosing through edibles should be done with caution as these can be unreliable in delivering small doses of THC.

In short, Cannabis has the potential to treat diseases that can be barely treated with the help of normal treatments, and with newer methods such as microdosage, the results are remarkable.