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Understanding the cannabis industry is easy when you look at the evolution process. The future is Cannabis 3.0, which basically gives a decoded look at how opinions, technologies and AI are helping in shaping the industry. From determining from where a cannabis product has originated, to taking decisions based on quantifiable data, the use of Blockchain & AI will be evident in years to come. Brands will be able to get real data with Cannabis 3.0 and use it for production, research, and beyond.

The scope of Cannabis 3.0

Cannabis 3.0, according to the experts, is critical for the cannabis industry, because researchers, doctors, brands, and companies will have access to information, and with the use of AI, suitable conclusions can be made. Cannabis 3.0 will also have a huge role to play in the quality of patient care offered through the use of medical cannabis, as well as for protecting consumers.

Cannabis 3.0 for the masses

For users, Cannabis 3.0 could be a boon, because more apps are likely to be available, and information from other patients, using medical history and biometrics, can be used to decide on use, buying a product and more. There will be no guesswork as far as use of a cannabis product is concerned, and for patients who want to rely on medical marijuana, it will be easy to get treatment, because even researchers and doctors will have access to such data and facts. Not to forget, Cannabis 3.0 will largely influence how products are developed, sold in the market, and therefore, the trust within the industry will only strengthen. In other words, people will not just look at the doctor’s prescription for marijuana, but will have enough resources and products to choose the right strain, based on real-time data and clinical data.

Role of GCAC and more

Global Cannabis Applications Corporation (GCAC) is considered to be one of the foremost innovators in the field of Cannabis 3.0 and has developed a system that will collect info and data related to consumer use of a product, consumption and production. The data stored on blockchain ensures authorised access, and blockchains will have specific nodes that will aggregate the data. Since cannabis products are usually manufactured and made from crops from another source, the use of blockchain and AI will only help everyone involved, including the brands and eventually the users.

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