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Many people know Lara Parker as the social media influencer who loves to talk about body positivity, but she is also a voice for women around the world, because she just doesn’t mind talking her mind on various ‘vagina issues’. She has also been an activist of sorts, talking of the incredible uses of cannabis and how products made of cannabis have changed her life. In fact, she has openly admitted that cannabis has helped her treat certain symptoms related to endometriosis. Here’s her story.

The background

Lara works professionally as a BuzzFeed editor and has diagnosed with endometriosis seven years back. She wasn’t hesitant in talking about the problems she had with penetrative sex. Her book “Vagina Problems” is ready for publication next year in 2020, but her story with cannabis is as interesting. Until 2015, Lara hadn’t tried cannabis, and on the insistence of a friend, she tried marijuana and she admits that it relaxed immediately and felt not-so-aware of her endometriosis pain. Considering endometriosis can cause swelling in the stomach, Lara didn’t have an appetite, and she realized she was hungry after cannabis. Lara lives in California, so getting her marijuana card wasn’t hard, and she openly says that she has been using cannabis in every form there is.

The cannabis life

Lara admits that her love for cannabis refuses to die, and she has been using cannabis products in all ways available. From bath salts and skincare products, to smoking and vaping, she has done it all. She is also quick to add that not everyone has been positive about the use and further activism related to marijuana, and some have even called her a bad influence. However, she does have a card and prescription for medical prescription and doesn’t find any difference between using a regular painkiller and cannabis. Lara, however, likes to advice caution about using cannabis for medical purposes, adding that this is not a drug that is meant for curing diseases, but it does help people with pain management.

Lara adds that cannabis shouldn’t be criminalized, and anyone in need of it should actually try it and take a call. She admits that her sex life has improved with cannabis-infused lube, and she can eat normally, thanks to products hat contain both THC and CBD. She has said that managing pain has been better with Indica joints, but she recommends CBD products on a regular basis, besides rubs and balms.