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Before we talk about different kinds of concentrates, let’s start by talking of the basics. What exactly is a cannabis concentrate anyway? True to the name, a concentrate basically contains potent cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and is created after following an extensive process of extraction, often using different agents. Most cannabis enthusiasts are typically interested in two compounds – THC and CBD. Most concentrates are focused on these two compounds, although some may contain high level of terpenes too. Terpenes, for the unversed, are responsible for the flavor and aroma of a strain. Here is an overview of how to buy cannabis concentrates.

Know your options

There are different types of concentrates in the market, popular ones being wax, shatter, budder, live resin and hash. It is important to understand that the strain, method of extraction, and THC content determines the price of a concentrate, and some are more expensive than others. Most cannabis concentrates often contain a very high amount of THC, which is precisely why you are expected to use these responsibly. Wax, shatter, budder are named after the consistency and texture, while live resin is known to retain the terpene profile of the strain and is highly potent too.

Tips for buying concentrates

  • First and foremost, make sure that you know the state limits for buying concentrates, which is different from buying dry buds. In other words, you cannot buy as much of a cannabis concentrate as cannabis buds, because concentrates are much more potent.

  • Less is more – this is one thing you must remember when it comes to concentrates. For many people, consuming cannabis concentrates is also a bummer, often because they have no experience. We strongly recommend that you get a dab rig, which can be found online or at licensed dispensaries. Dab rigs allow you to have the most amazing experience with common concentrates.

  • Check the details. Some concentrates can contain THC at high levels and are not recommended for beginners. There are also CBD concentrates, such as CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD products, but they don’t count in standard cannabis concentrates, as the THC content is meant to be less than 0.3%.

Finally, ensure that you go easy with concentrates. Everyone reacts differently to cannabis, and concentrates are a different game altogether. You have to ensure that you wait for the effects to set in, which again doesn’t take a lot of time with good concentrates.