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Are you a fan of cannabis edibles? If yes, you should definitely consider making & baking a few at home. Beginners should, however, first try edibles from a licensed dispensary, so that they can understand the experience better. Eating cannabis edibles is not same as smoking weed – The effects can take much longer to set in, and can also last for hours, often for as long as 12 hours. That said, let’s get into the basics of making awesome edibles at home.

Does the choice of strain matter for edibles?

Yes, absolutely! Indica-dominant strains are great for your nighttime indulgences, while sativa-dominant ones are great for energy and that incredible daytime high. Bubba Kush, for instance, is a great strain for Indica lovers, while sativa fans can check for options like White Widow and Sour Diesel.

Get your cannabis ready

You will find many articles and posts on how make cannabis butter at home, but you need to ensure that your cannabis is ready first, for which the process of decarboxylation is highly important. Basically, you want to heat up the cannabis to activate THC, which then works like magic in edibles. There are two things to remember –

  • Do not heat your cannabis for too long

  • Use the right strain

How much of cannabis to add to edibles?

That’s the million-dollar question. If you don’t want to go into the complicated math of how much cannabis to add, we recommend that you go slow. In general, you are needed to add one ounce of cannabis to one pound of butter. Now, once your cannabis butter, or cannabutter, is ready, you need to just replace oil or butter in your recipes with this. Do not add way too much, but go in sync with the standard measurements. Add less if you want for the first batch and check if you like the experience.

Things to know

Do not consume a lot of edibles at one go, even if they are made at home. One of the reasons why ready edibles are popular is because of dosage, and when you are baking brownies or cookies at home, you may not be able to be as precise. Take your time and explore new recipes, and after a point, you will get a fair idea of how much of cannabis-infused ingredients you are required to add.

Making cannabis edibles at home may be simpler than you think!