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With many parts of the world still not understanding the importance of medical marijuana, we have left behind years of research to understand and prove the full potential of marijuana. But whatever results we have been able to achieve to date, we could well understand the immensely magical properties of marijuana. It can be used in a plethora of ways to heal our bodies and improve our lifestyle. One such ability of marijuana is to help individuals recover after a stroke.

The intake of marijuana has reported to improve the mental as well as the physical well-being of many stroke-affected patients. With vast researches yet to do, we are exploring the possible recommendations as to how to recover from this ailment using a natural and organic method.

How can cannabis help?

The United States of America does hold an important patent regarding the effectiveness of cannabis in treating strokes. There are various patents booked in the States that confirm cannabis as a neuroprotectant. The patent also declares using marijuana against situations following an ischemic stroke and other serious cerebral diseases. There are a total of 5 patents that identify marijuana as a stroke treatment.

The patents also say that using marijuana has lowered the infarct size to half in the infected patients and the neurological status improved substantially. With not a lot of information present, the US patents do serve as a ray of light highlighting its neuroprotectant ability. The marijuana intake protects the individuals against glutamate neurotoxicity and free radical-induced death.

Why choose cannabis?

Many still wonder why cannabis is chosen among many other available options. The answer to that lies in the many benefits of this plant. Cannabis is highly lipophilic and does not face much trouble in penetrating the central nervous system in depth. The cannabis intake also ensured major functional improvement as compared to the histological recovery.

Best ways for treatment

The doctors will be the best to suggest the treatments but here are a few common treatment methods listed:

  • Cannabis can be injected through continuous intravenous infusion.

  • It can also be injected through hourly intramuscular injections.

But in most cases of stroke, these above methods are neglected. This is because of the lack of presence of IV cannabinoids or a needle full of CBD oils with them. Keeping them always with oneself can help in emergency treatment against strokes. However, a doctor’s advice is always recommended before its use.