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Canada surprised many when it became one of the first countries in the world to legalize recreational marijuana. Many people had their reservations, but it didn’t do much damage that critics had expected. Since legalization law was passed, the concerns were different. For instance, what would the access to recreational marijuana mean for the workplace and offices. Smoking is always a preferred choice for most users, but if you think of edibles, these are easy to hide, and most employers have no clue of how to keep a tab. Many experts are also concerned about the effects that recreational marijuana may have on the body, especially with edibles.

Cannabis legalization in Canada and the youth

One of the biggest things that experts are worried about is how the use of recreational marijuana is going to impact the youth. The point of concern is the lack of evidence as how cannabis impacts the brain, especially in those growing years. Critics may argue that cannabis may interfere with neural development as per available evidence, but these studies and research are limited and not always conclusive in nature. Cannabis strains vary, and some of the hybrid ones are being designed to do special things like aid sleep. For users, what is more important is to know the product they are buying, and they have to be smart enough with their choices. In Canada, it is now legal to buy drinks that are infused with cannabis. More products are now available and accessible than ever before.

Is the cannabis market in Canada growing?

Absolutely, say the experts. Has it reached the euphoria that people were expecting with the legalization of recreational marijuana? Not yet, but investors are positive. Legalization does mean more users, but it also means more competition, and there will be more choices for recreational marijuana enthusiasts in Canada. It is also necessary to evaluate and understand what the use of cannabis may mean for some users, especially those who want to harness the medical benefits. When it comes to using marijuana for medical purposes, there is a need for caution, and businesses have to look into the matters that need attention, such as labelling.
If you are in Canada and are happy that recreational marijuana is within easy reach, make sure that you start slow and use marijuana responsibly – A fact that most experienced users also recommend at all times.