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Imagine a field where the subjects you are learning and studying, is all about cannabis. Well, you need not be imagining anymore because earning a degree in Cannabis is now a reality. Although in many countries consuming marijuana is still considered illegal, countries like the USA already have institutions that now offer an undergraduate or master’s course in Cannabis. There are in fact various fields in which you can apply for a degree in cannabis. Some of them are:

  1.  Biology of the plant- This degree is all about the marijuana plant and its ecology. It covers the plant’s life span, horticulture, suitable environment for its growth, etc. It also includes research for scientifically proving the medicinal benefits of the plant to the human body which includes its uses and misuses as well.
  2. Learning to grow the plant- When it comes to plants, it’s obvious that Agriculture as a degree has to be provided. Cultivation of marijuana is one of the most difficult and tricky jobs and hence requires knowledge and skills to do so. This degree teaches students about the required soil quality, light, environment, and harvesting of the plant. It also covers the benefits of growing cannabis, equipment used and required for cultivation.
  3. Marketing of the product- Now that weed is legalized and the fact that even universities are offering a degree for a cannabis course, the demand of the product has increased than the times when it was criminalized. People have now started to understand the benefits of the plant and hence, the demand for a degree in cannabis marketing is increasing. In states where the plant is legalized, the competition amongst the weed suppliers has increased. Big companies have started investing in the market and hence a degree in Cannabis Marketing can be very useful. This degree teaches about the demand and supply, managing clients, target audience, campaigns, etc about marijuana.
  4. Medicinal Benefits- One of the major reasons for the legalization of the plant is its potential medicinal properties. We have often heard about weed helping people with anxiety, insomnia, and other health issues; hence learning about these properties, researching for scientific proof and discovering more health benefits of cannabis is covered under this degree of cannabis.

Countries, where the consumption of Cannabis is legalized, have witnessed a positive economic and environmental growth. Hence, it can be advisable for other countries to legalize the plant as it is “highly” beneficial.