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These days, it is common to find CBD-infused products such as body creams, edibles, bath essentials, and others. Edibles are a famous way to get high without smoking. They often come in the form of chocolates, cookies, or gummies made using THC to produce a high effect. With the increasing popularity of CBD products, breweries and beverage producers have started to infuse their alcoholic drinks with CBD.

What is Cannabis Beer?

Beer is made by using barley, grain, and yeast. Its flavor is determined by the amount and kind of hops added to the drink. Cannabis can be used in place of hops to color the beer’s flavor profile. Cannabis beers are made with around 10mg of THC/CBD and little to no alcohol to regulate the safety between mixing alcohol and cannabis.

The majority of dispensaries sell cannabis-infused beverages. These beverages are a convenient way to consume medical marijuana for those who don’t want to smoke or have a problem eating because of their condition. Cannabis beer is brewed with barley and infused with cannabis oil or THC and CBD oils.

Benefits of Drinking Cannabis Beer

Studies have found that CBD beer could help reduce the blood alcohol levels of consumers. In general, a person who used to consume alcohol regularly has higher blood alcohol levels that can cause health issues. But, using CBD beer will reduce these levels that may help maintain a good level of alcohol in the body. Additionally, consuming CBD beer may also help lower the risk of liver damage by controlling the alcohol-induced oxidants.

When beer and CBD are taken together, their effects are intensified. They can help consumers relax and make them sleepy. They may get drunk on this beer than stoned; however, they experience a unique feeling. Also, their combination leads to mood and behavioral changes. Cannabis beer delivers alcohol’s intoxicating effect with a relaxing or invigorating undertone from cannabis. Also, the cannabis in the beer minimizes the hangover effect of alcohol.

Some researchers found that cannabis oil mitigates the negative effects of alcohol, making cannabis beer a socially accepted way to consume medical marijuana. Also, beer offers a way to administer a dose of weed to relieve pain, minimize seizures, or calm anxiety.

You can learn more about the health benefits of cannabis beer by consulting with a cannabis doctor. If you have certain conditions that may benefit from marijuana, find out if you qualify for medical marijuana under the program of your state and get access to a licensed dispensary.