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Those who have tried cooking cannabis know that fats such as butter and coconut oil contribute to the potency of edibles. Cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are fat-soluble. Thus, you must consume cannabis edibles with fats so the body gets these cannabinoids. However, recent studies have discovered a deeper link between cannabis and fats. Read to learn more cannabis edibles must be eaten with fat:

The Compounds in Cannabis Love Fat

The cannabis Sativa plant can have more than 60 compounds. The majority of these compounds are inactive and do not have a specific effect on the human body. However, euphoric-inducing THC and immune-boosting CBD are the main active compounds that mimic the effect of the endocannabinoid system of the body.

When smoked or vaped, these cannabinoid molecules can directly enter the lungs’ capillaries and move from there into the bloodstream. Then, these molecules circulate to the brain and other body parts. However, cannabis edibles don’t provide the same result. Once broken down by the digestive system, cannabis is passed on out of the body. The reason is that cannabis compounds are fat-soluble. They can only be dissolved and become bioavailable when there is fat. Thus, cannabis must be accompanied by a type of dietary fat.

How Fats Facilitate the Absorption of Cannabis

Combining edibles with fat-dense foods allows you to reap more potent effects because of increased cannabinoid absorption. According to scientists, the intestinal lymphatic system is essential in boosting cannabis absorption with fat. Consuming cannabis edibles with a high-fat ingredient stimulates the intestinal lymphatic system, allowing it to distribute and transport the cannabinoids throughout the body.

Do Fats Perform the Job Equally?

Studies reveal that saturated fats do the job more effectively than others. Often, these types of fats are sourced from animal products like cheese, cream, meat, and butter. But, experts also recommend plant-based saturated fat as an alternative. These fats provide the digestive benefits of saturated fat without the negative effects of animal-sourced fats and cholesterol on cardiovascular health. Coconut oil and cocoa butter are great options as they can absorb quickly across lipid membranes. If you are already enjoying the benefits of ingesting cannabis edibles, you can intensity the outcome by pairing it with fats. You can decrease your intake of cannabis or experiment with small fat quantities for a start. While fats are a cannabis user’s friend, they must be used with caution.