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Twenty-seventh Cannabis Cup Winning Results

Despite getting off to a rough start one the first day with last minute legal shenanigans this year’s cannabis cup went off through the week, more or less without a hitch. With the exceptions of certain first day events being reshuffled events went through as scheduled, seminars were held, music and of course cannabis was enjoyed by all.

Sasha and Ann Shuglin were inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame. Robert Platshorn won the Freedom Figther of the Year, and legendary Canadian cannabis activist Marc ‘the Prince of Pot’ Emery was given the Lifetime Achievement award. Finally here are the list of all of the other winners in various catagories from this year’s cannabis cup according to Cannabis Cup Winners are as follows:

Best Coffeeshop Flowers:

1st – Barney’s Coffeeshop- Cookies Kush

2nd – Green Place – OG Reekn

3rd – The Green House – Pure Kush


Best Sativa by a Seed Company:

1st – Crockett Family Farms – Tangie Crockett’s Cut

2nd – DNA Genetics – Tangie

3rd – PhenoFinders – Lemon Bubble


Best Indica by a Seed Company:

1st – The Vault Genetics – Colorado Bubba

2nd – True Canna Genetics – The Truth

3rd – DNA Genetics – Kosher Kush


Best Hybrid by a Seed Company:

1st – The Vault Genetics – Larry OG

2nd – Rare Dankness Seeds – Star Killer

3rd – BC Bud Depot – Night Nurse


Best Import Hash (Concentrates) by a Seed Company:

1st – Loud Pack Extractions & Greenwolf, LA – Super Lemon OG Concentrate

2nd – Oasis Medical Seeds in Flint, MI – Paris OG Shatter Dab Vader

3rd – DNA Unlimited – Lemon OG 18 Live Resin


Best Neder Hash by a Coffeeshop:

1st – Barney’s Coffeeshop – Cookies Ice-Cream

2nd – The Green House -Green House Ice

3rd – The Grey Area – Grey Crystan


Best Import Hash Coffeeshop:

1st – Green House Seeds – Super Lemon Haze Cream

2nd – Barney’s Coffeeshop – Carmella Cream

3rd – The Green Place – Twisla


Best Nerder Hash by a Seed Company:

1st – The Vault Genetics – The Kong 73 Non-Solvent Hash

2nd – DNA Grow Your Own – Betty Ross

3rd – Drysift by House of the Great Gardener -Barb 99


CBD Flowers:

House of the Great Gardener – CBD Rene


CBD Concentrate:

CannaVest – CBD Simple


Best Product:

1st – The Loud Seeds Gift Bag

2nd – Devil’s Harvest

3rd – Sensi Seeds


Best Glass:

1st – Roor

2nd – Flav421 History in the Making by the Dampkring Gallery

3rd – Team Japan Onigari/ Demon Hunter by the Dampkring Gallery


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