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The American South has long been thought to be the location in the country which would resist marijuana reform longer than anywhere else, but this may not actually be true anymore. Cannabis already has been decriminalized in Mississippi and North Carolina, (and possibly Virginia soon as well) so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if another state moves to decriminalize pot as well. What is truly shocking is a couple of bills being filed for the next year’s legislative session in Georgia, one of which will allow for medical cannabis possession, and the other will legalize the plant for recreational use state wide.

The first bill is similar to medical cannabis legislation found in California and according to The Daily Chronic, “…Senate Bill 7 would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana of up to two ounces for specific debilitating medical conditions, including:cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis-C, ALS, Chrone’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and chronic or debilitating condition that cause Cachexia (wasting syndrome), severe and chronic pain, severe nausea and seizures/muscle spasms from epilepsy or MS.” As such this bill isn’t terribly ambitious, the second however is.

The second bill proposed as a state constitutional amendment, if ratified, would lead to the complete legalization and subsequent regulation and taxation of cannabis in the state. Boasting bi-partisan support Democratic state senator and the bill’s sponsor Curt Thompson appears to be confidant the legislation will pass. Thompson has been highlighting the opportunity to produce a new form of revenue without raising existing taxes, and has also been stressing the capacity for physicians to have more options when treating their patients when cannabis is legal. According to Thompson, “Our discussions of marijuana in Georgia – in its many forms – have been largely limited to children’s health. While I adamantly support cannabis oil treatments for children with severe medical problems, I believe physicians should have the ability to care for all of their patients, regardless of age.


[Senate Bill 7] would provide doctors another tool for care and treatment.”
It’s still too early at this point to determine whether or not this will go through, but this does demonstrate that even the most social conservative areas are subject to great legal change for the better. In case you want to show your support for the cause, or you’re just looking for some new attire then check out the slick togs we’ve got at Green House Seeds. With all kinds of clothes for both genders and all sizes we’re sure we’ve got something for you.