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Cannabis Based Companies Getting Ready To Strike Gold!

The illegal trade in marijuana has lasted centuries in India where it is most famous for spiritual highs. Worship of deities was accompanied by the haze of pot smoke that filtered the consciousness and promoted deeper understanding of truths or so it was believed.

Modern science has similar things to say about the positive impact of marijuana in healing depression and perhaps even curtailing suicide instincts.

The ultimate recreational drug

Why should marijuana be so popular even amongst young people for that proverbial high? The strange magic of course is because of the THC element, the greater the stronger.

Now that surveys have proved that there is nothing wrong with it, not habit forming and not leading to hard drugs, nothing detrimental, the whole world would take to it. Imagine the possibilities for big business then. Medicines based on marijuana for epilepsy among other diseases would only improve the business prospects a hundred fold.

Start a little marijuana trade!

Many would consider it wise to jump into the cannabis bandwagon when the skies are opening up. Business skills are needed though besides the working capital and a do or die philosophy to put up with the bad world. Yet the bad days of marijuana are soon ending, disgraced since 1937 is indeed a long, long time.

The mighty marijuana business!

What would the marijuana industry be worth today? It is hard to tell because much of the worldwide marijuana supply works underground in forests or up in the hills in countries like India, the traditional Asian home. America grows a lot of it too but the product is far higher priced compared to India as it is in European countries. Everybody is agreed that worldwide marijuana is a trillion dollar industry.

Investment firms reveal the truth

Viridian is an investment firm that prophesied the cannabis industry for 2015, looked at the 2014 dealings and listed as many as 75 companies that are active at it. According to Viridian, marijuana based companies in 2014 raised a capital of $ 80 million. The largest sectors were consulting, cultivation and biotechnology that raised $ 20, 18 and 12 million respectively. Viridian also reports the cannabis index total return of 38% in 2014, mainly because marijuana became legal in Colorado. Certainly no mean achievement but greater things are in store for a product that has too many takers in the country that witnessed the original gold rush. This marijuana fever could be termed the green gold rush.