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If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you have probably heard some great things about Indica strains. Before we delve into the five popular strains, let’s just understand a bit more about indicas. Indica strains are best suited for nighttime use and are good for those dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. This is a sharp contrast to sativa, or sativa-dominant, strains, which offer a more happy-high. Some are pure Indica strains, while others are hybrids, where the Indica strain genetics are more dominant. Now that we are done with the basics, here are 4 Indica strains worth trying!

Hindu Kush

The name comes from the famed Hindu Kush mountain range, from where the strain originated. This is the purest Indica variant that you can find in the market. Hindu Kush feels absolutely original and has been used to create a bunch of Indica-dominant varieties. The pine flavor of the strain is pretty evident, and you will find it to be the best strain to smoke after a long, tiring day.

Granddaddy Purple

Talk of Indica-dominant strains, and you have Granddaddy Purple, which is a mix between Purple Urkle and Bid Bud. The name comes from the buds, which are purple in color, and there is a lot of terpenes in this strain, so expect an incredibly sweet experience. Granddaddy Purple is also a great strain for making edibles.


Another popular strain is Blueberry, which is a hybrid and has Afghani origins. The buds are green in color, but you will find a lot of trichomes. Blueberry is often used for making concentrates, and the effect is more like a happy high that’s also very relaxing at the same time. If you don’t want to go wrong with an Indica, try the Blueberry.

Northern Lights

Among the old and known strains is the Northern Lights, which has Afghani heritage. The flavor is more on the sweeter side when smoked, and yes, you can expect to see the Northern Lights when high on this one – Not for absolute beginners for sure. When getting stoned is your only agenda, consider getting Northern Lights.

Final word

Some of the other honorable mentions include 9 LB Hammer. There are some really good Indica-strains out there, which also have sativa genetics in equal measure. In fact, there is actually no limit to Indica-dominant strains that you can try, but make sure that you go slow for the first time.