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Cannabis edibles are incredibly popular, and for a reason – You can choose to be discreet! While most dispensaries and licensed stores have a wide range of edibles for sale, including infused beverages, nothing really beats the pleasure of making some edibles at home. No matter your culinary skills, we promise these recipes are super easy to make!

Getting your cannabis ready

For any cannabis edible recipe, you must cure your strain. The choice of strain is also important for the kind of experience you want. In general, sativa strains are great for daytime use, while Indica-dominant variants work well for relaxation and nighttime consumption. You can find many popular options used mostly for making cannabis edibles, such as White Widow and Granddaddy Purple. Afghan Kush is a good Indica variant to consider.

Now, to cure your cannabis, you need to heat it up. There detailed guides online on how you can do that, but remember this important tip – Do NOT heat your cannabis too much!

  1. Recipe– Cannabis Tea

It cannot get simpler than this. To make your amazing cup of cannabis tea, take your favorite tea (herbal ones should work fine), and once the tea is ready, add one teaspoon of cannabis butter, which you can either buy from the store or make at home. Your cannabis tea is ready, and if you want some sweetness, add some sugar. After a long tiring day, nothing beats this!

  1. Recipe – Brownies

Brownies are popular for a reason. All you have to do is bake your brownies with some cannabis butter, instead of regular butter or vegetable oil. You can take one of the ready brownie mixes, or just whip up some eggs, with water, all purpose flour and sugar. It takes about half an hour to get brownies ready.

  1. Recipe – Cannaoil

This is more of an ingredient for other recipes, but a worthy one. The measurements are more important here. You need to add about one ounce of your favorite strain to about two cups of oil, which could be any oil of your choice. Just add the cured cannabis to the oil and heat the mixture for about four to six hours. DO NOT BOIL. After the mixture has cooled down, just strain it, and your canna oil is ready!

Cannabis-infused oil can be used for salad dressings and regular cooking too, so make sure that you have a ready bottle in your stash all the time.