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People talk about aphrodisiacs all the time. Dark chocolate, crab meat, oysters, strawberries, and you can add one more to that list – cannabis. Research on cannabis has led to some amazing findings, and you can use that “high” to good effect inside your bedroom. In this post, we are sharing more on what cannabis strains are best for sex, along with other facts worth knowing.

Do the choice of strain matter?

You will find hundreds of posts on different strains and how each one can add fun to your bedroom experience. While the choice of strain does matter to an extent, experts believe that it is more about terpenes and the effects, which can be very specific to each strain. If you don’t want to get into complicated aspects, just select a strain that is high on terpenes. For the unversed, terpenes are responsible for the flavors you get out of a cannabis strain – some are known for their strong citrus flavors, while others can be more diesel-pine like.

What are some popular strains to consider?

If you want to try something in the afternoon, either with your partner or toy, think of the better Indicas and Sativas. An Indica recommendation would be LA Confidential, while in sativa, you should definitely try Amnesia Haze. If you want to go all wild, try the Sour Diesel, which is a sativa dominant with THC content of more than 20%. For that perfect morning sex, you need Harlequin, which is sativa and indica in equal parts and is known for its after effects. Harlequin also contains a good amount of both THC and CBD. For boosting your stamina, try the much-famed Dream Queen strain, which has THC content of anywhere between 13% and 22%. Want to have relaxed sex and some naughty fun without falling asleep easily? Try the Blue Cheese strain, which is an indica-dominant, known for its incredible effects.

Things to understand

If you and your partner have agreed to consuming cannabis before sex, make sure that both have equal consent. Go slow with any strain you pick, and keep in mind that each person reacts to a cannabis strain in his/her way, and therefore, there no way of saying that one strain is better than others. Also, it is a good idea to have both water and lube next to you, because cannabis consumption can cause dehydration, vaginal dryness, and dry mouth.