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There are many claims around the much-talked-about Chemdawg strain, but not many are sure of its history. Regardless of these factors, Chemdawg is among the most-demanded cannabis strains in the US, known for its sativa effects. Chemdawg is also parent to some of the other legendary strains, and the THC content is somewhere between 16% and 20%. In this quick review, we are discussing more on this strain.

The basics

The buds of Chemdawg are of medium size and can look different from some of the standard indica variants. If you are using the dry buds, you will have to use a grinder to get the best out of this strain, as the buds are not easy to break with just fingers. One of the distinct features of Chemdawg is the diesel and pine flavors. The smoke is smooth at best with a unique sour taste. New users and beginners beware – Chemdawg hits quite easily, and sometimes, it is hard to understand when the effects have set in.

What to expect?

Most users admit that Chemdawg does seem to heighten their senses and they feel more aware. As you get used to the experience, the body high can feel overwhelming at times. You will feel a sense of calm and relaxation, but don’t expect the same effect as some of the indicas. This is also why some people believe that Chemdawg may have some indica in its lineage. The strain can be particularly useful for those suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression, and some have claimed that Chemdawg offered them relief from pain too. Extreme high effects include paranoia, and we strongly suggest restrain with such powerful strain. This strain scores high on THC, and therefore, less is always more. Even if you are experienced with high THC content strains, you may still want to go easy.

Hit a creative block? Chemdawg may help, but like we mentioned, it is always important to know how a new strain works for you. It does generate a sense of energy when you smoke for the first time.

Final verdict

There is no denying that Chemdawg is totally worth the hype. It is a potent strain, and it has found takers all over the world. This is not something you want to consume on a regular basis, but have in stock for once-in-a-while experience. In states where cannabis is legal, you can find Chemdawg in most dispensaries.